Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Ginter Mini Banks Source Photo

Yesterday's post featured this card...

...the mini exclusive Ginter 2013 card of Ernie Banks.

I mentioned that I thought the picture might be from a Cubs convention since Ernie is wearing a jersey over a dress shirt.  I also said I'd hunt for the original image.

It was a fairly easy hunt.  One thing about Topps cards from the past few years---the pictures on the cards are almost always found at Getty Images.  I'm guessing Topps doesn't use it's own photographers or freelancers anymore.  Instead, its all Getty Images

This is the original photo for the Ginter card.  It was taken on April 25, 2004 as the Cubs were honoring Sammy Sosa for his 513th career home run as a Cub, hit on April 18.  With that homer, Sammy passed Mr. Cub as the team's all time home run king.

Look at all the smiles.  Sammy was still challenging Ernie as the most popular Cub.  By the end of the 2004 season, that wasn't the case any more.  Sammy was an outcast at the end of the season and an Oriole in 2005.

Now flash forward to 2013. This picture of Sammy has been making its way around the web..

...or should I say, Count Sammy?  He has turned into one freaky dude.


  1. One word stands out on the woman's skirt. It starts with an "e".

  2. He looks like he belongs on display in a wax museum.