Sunday, September 8, 2013

The 2013 Cubs Giveaway Archives Set #4

On Friday, August 30, the Cubs held their fourth and final baseball card giveaway.  The first three sets were 20 cards each.  Set #4 had 22, bringing the set total to 82 cards.

This batch was almost exclusively made up of retired players.  The prior three had a mix of current and former players, but no Rizzo, Castro, Barney or Samardzija this time.  The only card that didn't feature retired players...

...featured Cubs prospects.  These three are being counted on to bring the Cubs to the promised land.  I hope they do, but we'll see.


Three players got double duty


The late '60s/early 70's teams had several cards...



...but the team with the most representation was the '84 Cubs, with six different players.

The rest of the cards were a odd mix...



...of players from several eras.

Tomorrow I'll put a tile together of the entire 82 card set.


  1. Great stuff! I love the Milt Pappas card for reasons I can't explain. Imagine how cool of a card it would be if they used a better design than 1987.

  2. What an awesome set from the Cubs. The Phillies are great about issuing their own sets, but nothing has been quite as good as this. I hope that the Phillies (and other teams) saw what the Cubs did this year and take some inspiration from it.