Monday, September 30, 2013

2013 Heritage Minor League Cubs

For the third straight year, Topps has released a minor league version of the Heritage set.

For the third straight year, I ask why?

I love Heritage.  But as it seems to do with any successful product, Topps feels the need to push more and more of it out there.

I thought Bowman and Pro Debut were the prospect sets.  Why do we need a third?

But being the complete team set collector that I am, I went ahead and got the Cubs cards from Heritage Minor League.

The Cubs actually have a decent representation in the set.  There are six Cubs prospects in the base set and two more in the dreaded high number short prints.  Eight players in a 225 card set is a good number.  But since we've been tanking and trading players for prospects, the Cubs system should be loaded.

Today I've got the six base cards (the SPs were bought from a different seller and are still on the way).  The players are shown with three teams, low-A Kane County, high-A Daytona, and AA Tennessee.  I'll show the cards by team.


Here are the three Kane County Cougars.  I enjoyed going to Cougar games when we lived in the Chicago area, and if we were still in the area I'm sure I would have gone to see them a couple times.  None of these three are among the touted future saviors of the Cubs, but Rock Shoulders has one of the coolest names in organized baseball.

A slight beef with the cards....three Cougar cards and they all have a different color scheme.  That is not the way the '64 set worked...each team had a consistent color scheme.  The Cubs pattern was black team name lettering with a red box for the players.  Why did Topps feel the need to mix up the pattern among a team.

Moving up a step, we head to high A and...


....the Daytona Cubs.  These two are players that Theo is counting on.  Baez had a great season, tearing up in A and AA.  He was named the organization's minor league position player of the year.  Personally, I'd like to see him at Wrigley next April.  Soler is a Cuban defector that the Cubs signed for huge dollars.  He missed a chunck of the season with a stress fracture in his shin.  He's also shown some anger issues.

Finally, we move on to AA Tennessee...

....and the Tennessee Smokies.  Arismendy Alcantara is a second-tier prospect, but he's been attracting more attention. He had a solid season for the Smokies, hitting .271 with 15 HRs and 69 RBIs.  His biggest problem will be finding a postions...with Castro and Baez, shortstop is a bit crowded.  When Baez was promoted to Tennessee, Alcantara moved to second base.

Maybe this card is the first in my new player collection for Arismendy Alcantara (Darwin who??).


  1. I'm an obsessive team collector and I don't really bother with these. I'll take them if anyone wants to send the Dodgers, but I think I have maybe one or two of each year. I'd rather have a minor league set issued by the club.

  2. You ask why we need a third prospect set, and then you show a card of Rock Shoulders.

    I think that answers your question right there. :-)

  3. Why can't Topps find another picture of Soler. I'm already tired of that picture.
    On the other hand, I really like that Alcantara card. Sweet card!

  4. Dang. Kane County really wants you to know they are the Cubs affiliate with those giant patches.