Tuesday, October 1, 2013

So Long, Dale Sveum

It took two years, but I can now spell Dale Sveum's name without having to look it up...I kept mixing up the e and u.

It took two years, but Theo Epstein has given up on Dale Sveum and canned him as Cubs manager.

And now the Cubs will have their fourth manager in five years.

It's hard to build an organization when you keep moving managers in and out of the big club's dugout.

Sveum was put in a no win situation, and that's what he brought...no wins....and 197 losses.  The roster he had was often an AAAA roster. But it was his job to develop the young players and set the tone for the new Cubs way of playing winning baseball.  Instead, the youngsters regressed and they played the usual way of Cubs losing baseball.

The next manager is going to be crucial for Theo to have any success.  He's got to bring in a manager that can develop the young players.  There has to be notable progress the next year or two, or it will not be the manager that gets the boot, but Theo.

Two names that have been tossed out as potential candidates are Brad Ausmus and Joe Girardi.  Interesting that they are both ex-catchers.  Girardi did a decent job in his one year with the Marlins (and their roster of players similar to the Cubs).  Winning a championship with the Yankees also looks pretty good on Girardi's resume.  He's got Cubs roots and would bring some credibility to the dugout.

Ausmus is an unproven commodity.  He was a great general behind the plate while playing, but has no experience in the dugout.  Are the Cubs trying to catch the same lightening in a bottle that the Cardinals caught with Mike Matheny?

One name we won't have to hear is that of Ryne Sandberg.  In a way, its good that Sveum was hired two years ago and not Ryno.  Otherwise, I'd probably be writing today about the firing of a Cubs legend.  Instead, he's got a nice contract to manage the Phillies for the next few years.

Theo said the hopes to have the hiring wrapped up by the November league meetings.  The next month or so should be interesting.


  1. Add another catcher to the mix as I just read the Cubs front office may be interested in AJ Hinch. I'm really curious to see how all of this plays out.

  2. Castro and Rizzo (Barney?) did him and his staff in. OK with me. Better next year? I sure hope so.