Monday, October 14, 2013

2013 Panini Cooperstown Billy Williams

Billy Williams was on the checklist of Panini's Cooperstown Baseball and I picked up three of his cards and an insert.

This is the base card.  The black and white photo doesn't look too bad because there isn't much color on the rest of the card.  Panini also came up with an interesting way to cover up the hat logos, since they don't have an MLB license.  It looks like they used a couple of droopy boobs to hide his hat.  Having a droopy pair allows them to use pictures of both lefties, like Billy, and righties.

In addition to the base card, I've got a couple of the parallels,


the red crystal (124/399) and the green crystal.

The insert I bought was the Colgan Chip Disk.  These are based on sets of disks put out by the Colgan Gum company from 1909 - 1913.  The cardboard disks pretty plain looking, especially without a logo.


  1. droopy boobs... I never thought I would have read those words in succession on a post about baseball cards. Wow.

    On another note, I wish they would have done a blue parallel. I pulled a Dizzy Dean red parallel and I thought it was pretty sweet... and I'm a Cubs fan!

  2. If this were Night Owl's blog I guess you'd have named this the Droopy Boob set, huh. Alternatively they do also look like the bottom of aviator glasses.