Friday, October 25, 2013

Bad Airbrushing 75%

Rookie cards in the '60s and 70's had some pretty bad airbrushing.  Topps was caught in a bind because the rookie stars were often traded, leaving them with pictures of the players in the wrong hats.

While paging through my '70s Cubs binder, I found this 1977 card...

...with three of the four players airbrushed.  And surprisingly, Topps had a decent excuse for the bad airbrushing.

The White Sox switched to their collared uniforms in 1976, but wore their old unis in spring training.  Chances are Otten never wore the new unis.

Wheelock and Willis were both on new expansion teams.  All the Blue Jays and Mariners in the set were airbrushed.

The Cubs' Mike Krukow was the only shown in his real hat.  No airbrushing was necessary...though getting rid of that bad mustache wouldn't have been a bad thing.

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