Wednesday, October 30, 2013

2013 Update Cubs

My update package from Brentandbecca arrived and I've got the Cubs update set.

There were a whopping 14 Cubs in the set,  It's nice that there were so many, put kinda pathetic too.  When your team's update numbers are big, that means the team is in a state of change.  That was certainly true for the 2013 Cubs, since a team-record 56 different players this year (topping the record set last year by three).

One of the players with cards are already gone...maybe we need a Topps Update Update set!

Another never played an inning for the Cubs...

...coming from the Rangers in the Garza deal, but spending the season in AAA.

The rest of these guys are all on 40 man roster, but it will be interesting to see where they land by the end of spring training next year.




  1. What's interesting about the Feldman and Strop cards is that the Strop is not photoshopped into a Cubs uniform AND mentions the Feldman trade on the back. Topps should have had plenty of time to put Feldman on the Orioles...

    1. I haven't purchased any update yet, and I'm really bummed to learn of Topps' laziness. They could have included Logan Watkins instead of Feldman. What a bummer.

  2. I thought the Brian Bogusevic card was a sloppy photoshop job until I realized that we are, in fact, seeing illuminated arm hair.
    Glad that Topps gave us another throwback uni card.