Thursday, October 17, 2013

1983 Drake

Slowly working my way though the Drakes sets

The 1983 set was Drake's third and they and Topps have settled into a design routine:

  • The front of the card will have a unique design.  There will be a colored banner, with players from National League teams having a different color from American League teams.  In 1983, the AL teams had red and the NL teams green.
  • There will be 33 cards in the set
  • The back of the card will be identical to the Topps set except for a Drakes logo instead of a Topps logo. 

The big difference with the 1983 set is that Drakes offered a boxed set of the cards.  The design of the '83 box was the template I used for my homemade '81 and '82 boxes.

As far as the Cubs go, Drakes followed the same formula they had with the earlier sets:  

Only one Cub, Bill Buckner.  

Billy Buck is now 3/3 with Drake.  At least the pictures are all different in the home pinstripes, one in the powder blue pajama pinstripes, and one in the blue top white pants road unis. 

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