Monday, October 7, 2013

Teriffic Treats From Tom

One reason I started my blog back in 2009 was the lack of Cubs collector blogs.  But since then, several other Cubs blogs in addition to mine have come on the scene.

Among them is the appropriately named Waiting 'til Next Year.  Like me, Tom is a  teacher who lives a couple hours from Chicago.  But his hometown is much larger than mine--he's in Peoria.  He's got the Class A Peoria Chiefs right in his back yard.  And from 2005-2012, the Chiefs were a Cubs affiliate.

Apparently the Chiefs were cleaning out their closets, because Tom was able to pick up some bargains, and even better, he sent them to me!  It was extremely generous of him to give me these items...

...a 2012 Peoria Chiefs team set.  The top card is Javier Baez, whom I hope to see at Wrigley Field next spring.

Tom is more than just a collector, he's also a crafty, making...

...these cool coasters with baseball cards inside.  Of course, mine has a card of my favorite .208 hitter.

And now the best for last.

Darwin Barney was a member of the 2007 Peoria Chiefs and look what Tom found...

....a 2007 BP jersey with...

...#15 on the back!

Was this actually worn by Barney in 2007?  We have no way of knowing with any sort of certainty.  Barney did wear #15 in Peoria and this is the style worn in 2007.   I'm going to go with "Yes!"

Thank you Tom for these terrific items.  The baseball card blogging community is the best!


  1. Us Cubs fans have to stick together.... it's been a rough five years.
    Glad you enjoyed the package!

  2. Hope you guys get Girardi, should be interesting!