Saturday, October 12, 2013

The 1963 Post Cubs Set

I've finished a Post Cubs set.

And it was the one I thought might take the most time---1963.  There were a couple SPs that I thought would be hard to find and overpriced.  But I guess I lucked into the right cards at the right time.  I also already had the most expensive card from the set, the Billy Williams card, in the player collection.

Of the three Post sets, the '63 Cubs set had the fewest cards, only eight, so that may have made it easier, too.  

All eight cards show the players in the home uniform.  From the looks of a couple, they all have shots from Wrigley Field, not spring training. Home uni shots are always a plus in my book, so kudos to Post for that.

Here's the 50 year old cards.

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  1. That team set is awesome! Love those old Post issues.