Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Paul's Card

While looking over my different cards of Turk Lown for a post a couple days ago, I found something on the back of one I hadn't noticed before.

The card was my 1954 Bowman Turk Lown.

The front wasn't anything spectacular.  And I must confess that I don't pay as much attention to the backs of cards as I probably should.  But for some reason I flipped the card over..

....and found some writing in the upper left corner.  I bought the card about four years ago, but never noticed it before.  I looked closer at what was written and found...

...that there was a name written on the card in what looks like a young child's handwriting.  You can see the name is "Paul."

Now the freaky name is Paul.

Paul from 1954 had this card and now after who knows what sort of various travels, the card is back in the hands of another Paul, me.

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  1. Great story, clearly you were meant to have that one!