Thursday, October 24, 2013

More 70's Action at Wrigley Field

Yesterday I looked at all the Cubs action shots on 1970s cards.  Most were game action from Wrigley Field.  And it wasn't just Cubs players featured in Wrigley action shots.  I paged through my compete sets and found several shots taken at Wrigley featuring opposing teams.

The 1973 set has three Wrigley cards.  Two of them... Padres, while one...

...shows the Twins' new ballpark with ivy-covered walls.

The 1974 set had four cards with Wrigley,


though one should get an asterisk 

since Topps didn't bother doing a bad airbrush job.

Topps took a four year break from the Wrigley action, returning in 1979 with


three more cards.  The odd thing with the Murray card is that a majority of the action shots in the '79 set were games at Shea, but a Met gets a Wrigley shot.  And if you look in the corner of the dugout on the Reitz card, you can see Cubs skipper Herman Franks.  He had an odd habit of grabbing the dugout roof.


  1. This is awesome! I love seeing Wrigley Field in older sets. I will start tracking these cards down. Thanks for doing the legwork, WW. Looking forward to your post on Wrigley shots in the 60's sets, particularly 1960.

  2. That Dave Roberts card is one of the main reasons I collected cards. I loved that card then and still do.
    Any idea who the catcher is on the Morales card?

    1. Morales played at Wrigley six times in 1978 and Dave Radar was the catcher in five of the games. The hair on the catcher matches Radar's, so he is my guess.