Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Very Incomplete Sega Card Gen Team Set

I've had pretty good luck making purchases on Ebay.  More often than not I've been able to luck into good deals.

But not with the 2013 Sega Card Gen set.

Here's what my team set looks like right now...


That's two out of the fourteen Cubs in the set.

And the worse part was that I thought I was going to score the near complete set with one of my deals.  But not this time.

A seller in Japan (the same one I picked up the 2012 set from) listed almost all of the Cubs cards.  I put them all on my watch list and I also set the snipper.  With less than a day to go on the auctions, most cards had no bidders.  I was feeling pretty confident.

Apparently another collector was feeling the same way...no bids yet, snipper set.  Because at the last minute, both of our snippers fired but he had his top bid set higher than mine. '

I lost all of the auctions except for the Nate Schierholtz card...the only card  I won showed a Cub as a Phillie.  The Barney card was already in my player collection.

So its two down and twelve to go...if they ever show up again (none have been listed since my loss).