Saturday, October 19, 2013

Upper Deck Classics 2005 Cubs Team Set

The 2005 Upper Deck Classics set was a one and done, with the 2005 version being the only release.  The set has 130 cards, with the last 30 being the dreaded short-prints.  The checklist was mostly Hall of Famers, though an occasional John Kruk or Leon Wagner showed up too.

Four Cubs made the list, and three were Hall of Famers.

Ken Hubbs was the non-HOFer...


...while Billy, Billy, and Fergie are in  Cooperstown.

In addition to the base cards, there were silver (/399), gold (/199) and platinum (/25) parallels.

This is Billy's silver card.

The non-Billy Williams cards came to me from fellow Cub blogger Matt over at Once A Cub.  He found these in a dime box and was nice enough to send them my way.  The Billy cards were already in my player collection, so with Matt's contribution, I've got the complete team set.

Thank you Matt!!

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  1. Nice! Glad I could help. I thought I read somewhere your rule of thumb on team sets...was it a five card minimum?