Monday, October 21, 2013

2013 Darwin Barney- The Final Tally

With the Sapphire card in hand, I spent some time coming up with a total tally of Barney cards that I've got from the 2013 season.  In looking over a list of upcoming card releases through the rest of the year, it doesn't look like Barney will be in any more sets.

My total tally for the year is 62 cards, which is the highest yearly total yet.

Allen & Ginter (6)
Base, Relic, mini, mini AG back, mini AG no number, mini black

Archives (5)
Base, Gold, Orange, Printing Plate blue, Printing Plate Yellow

Aunt Millies (1)

Bowman (8)
Base, State & Hometown, silver ice, purple ice, red ice, orange, blue, gold

Gypsy Queen (8)
Base, framed blue, framed silver, mini base, mini wood, mini sepia, mini green, mini black

Factory Team Set (1)

Heritage (2)
Base, Venezuelan

Opening Day (4)
Base, blue, purple, Ballpark Fun

Prinnacle (1)

Sega Card Gen (1)

Stickers (1)

Team Issued (6)
Season Ticket Holder 15, Season Ticket Holder 54, Giveaway 15, Giveaway 54, Ticket Stub 15, Ticket Stub 54

Topps (18)
Base, silver slate, silver slate blue, sapphire, emerald, black, camo, gold, orange, pink, blue, red, purple, printing plate yellow, mini base, mini pink, mini gold, Making Their Mark relic

Anyone notice anything that I'm missing? The only thing I could think of is Prizm.  They had cards that didn't come out until 2013, but the set is listed as a 2012 set.  I decided to stick with what was printed on the card and kept them with the 2012 cards.

Otherwise, with 62 cards, I'm done.