Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Half Way to Something I Won't Ever Finish

I'm halfway to something that I won't ever finish, I don't think I even want to finish it.

Here's the new card...

....a Darwin Barney printing plate from the 2013 Archives set.  This 1/1 is the yellow plate.  It goes along with...

the cyan plate I picked up when Archives first came out.

I had no intention of getting all the printing plates.  I usually don't even bother with one of these.  I got the cyan plate because there weren't many parallels.  And that is where I though I'd leave it.

But then a couple weeks ago the yellow plate showed up in an auction that started at 99¢.  I added the auction to my watch list, more out of curiosity than anything else.  I wasn't going to spend big money on the card, but I also thought it might go pretty cheaply since Archives came out so long ago.

I was pretty much right--the 1/1 card cost me only six bucks.

The card puts me half way to a complete printing plate set.

Will I ever compete the set?  I seriously doubt it.

Will it bother me if I don't?  Not at all.


  1. Sweet! I'm with you, just pick them up when they're cheap. Furthest I've ever made it is 2/4 as well. Nice cheap win!

  2. That's a ridiculous deal for that plate. Good find.