Sunday, September 22, 2013

Post Jerry Kindall

More of my Post cards have arrived.  My plan is to show a couple a day rather than doing one massive Post post.

The two cards I've got today are of infielder Jerry Kindall.

These are the 1961 and 1962 cards.  One thing you may notice right away is that the same picture was used on both cards.  Post did the repeat picture thing with several players--boo!!

Both cards make mention of the fact that Kendall was signed as a bonus baby out of the University of Minnesota.  The 1962 card adds another very interesting line...."He took over as the Cubs' shortstop when Banks moved to the outfield last spring."

..."when Banks moved to the outfield last spring."

I had never heard anything about Ernie playing the outfield.  When I started following the Cubs, Ernie was at the end of his career and was the first baseman.  That's all I ever knew him as, though I was aware that he used to play shortstop.

I went to Baseballrefernce to see how much action in the outfield Ernie saw.  Turns out he played 23 games as a left-fielder in late May and early June, 1961.  He then spent a week at first base before returning to shortstop for the rest of the season.

In 1962 he took over as the Cubs first baseman and stayed there for the rest of his career.  Those 23 games in left field in 1961 were the only games he ever played as an outfielder.  He never really moved to the outfield.

So the Post cards have repeat pictures and errors in the write-ups.

That doesn't sound like any other card company we know and love, does it??


  1. I just learned something. Never knew that Ernie ever played in the OF. Now you need to go and find a picture of him out there in a game.

  2. "That doesn't sound like any other card company we know and love, does it?? "

    "Post" is an anagram for "Topps" (sort of)

  3. Oh, sure, go ahead and focus on Ernie and ignore the guy the post is ostensibly about. :-)

    Since you inadvertently made me look up Jerry Kindall to find out what happened to him when Ernie DIDN'T move to the outfield, and since I don't have any Jerry Kindall cards to make my own post, I'll just share my findings here...

    Kindall was traded to the Indians after 1961 and was their starting 2nd baseman in 1962. After that he settled into a utility role for a couple of years.

    He was also the head coach at the University of Arizona from 1973 to 1996, and lead the Wildcats to 3 college World Series championships.

  4. Two more Kindall facts.....he wore #23 but didn't play like Sandberg.....he has the lowest career average (.213) or any player in MLB history with more than 2000 at bats.....