Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Four New Relics Part 4

This is my fourth and final new relic.

I'll bet most of you didn't even know that he spent some time with the Cubs.  His dad, yes; but the son--his time in Chicago was brief. just a season and a half in the early 2000s.  His .207 Cubs career average made him forgettable.  But Topps felt he was relic-worthy, so I present....

....Gary Matthews, Jr. and his 2001 Game Gear bat card.

Little Sarge had an interesting career.  Early on he bounced around from organization to organization, spending time with the Padres, Cubs, Pirates, Orioles, and Braves.  He ended up with the Rangers in 2004 and had a career year in Texas in 2006 at age 31.  After the season, for some unknown and illogical reason, the Angels signed him to a five year, $50 million contract.  Predictably, the aging Matthews saw his numbers decline and the Angels traded him to the Mets in 2009, though the paid most of the remaining $23 million left on the contract.

This card has one interesting feature for me, as it gives me my one and only....

..father and son Cubs relic combo.

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  1. I think you did the Ginter relics recently, but I think you should tile up all your relics now. Or at least your list of different players. Same with the certified autographs.