Saturday, December 6, 2014

1962 Cubs Stamps

This took much too long to complete, no thanks to Sportlots.

It was a little more than a month ago that reader Chad sent me a package of Cubbie goodies that included three 1962 Cubs stamps.  With two others from the '62 set in my player collections, I had half the team set.  I decided to head to Sportlots and get the other five.  Four of the five came from one seller and arrived quickly.

A second seller had the Santo stamp at a much better price and I ordered it from him.  Unfortunately the cheap price was not to be.  After waiting over two weeks and no stamp, I opened a case.  The seller immediately refunded me.  I was happy to have the money back but ticked that the stamp didn't come.  When I've opened other cases the seller has told me to wait a bit longer or given me the date the package was mailed.  But this guy refunded immediately, and pessimistic me figures he never sent the stamp.

I had to go back and buy the stamp again.  The best price was from the first seller.  Turns out I should have just gotten all five from him, which would have saved me a second shipping charge.  That's one thing that really bothers me about Sportlots.  I've had several experiences where a seller didn't send the card or couldn't find it.  I always get the refund, but then end up paying more because of the shipping.  Oh, well.

Back to the stamps...

As I said earlier, there were ten Cubs in the set.

FIrst off is this team logo stamp.  I like the Cub, but the color sure seems to be off.  I didn't realize that purple was a team color.


The players included the three future Hall of Famers (Banks, Santo, Williams) and a bunch of not in their wildest dreams Hall of Famers.

Probably the oddest stamp in the bunch is Dick Bertell's.  Odd because though he has an insert stamp but no card in the set.  It's pretty unusual for that to happen.

Having these now finished, I just need the 1966 rub-offs to finish up all of the inserts from the 1960s.

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