Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Students Are Learning

As a teacher, over the years I have brainwashed enlightened my students on the greatness of the Chicago Cubs.

This Christmas a few of them had the chance to show me what they've learned.

From one family I got this Cubs candy dispenser.  Slide the helmet and his tongue comes out with a piece of Radz candy in it.  I like candy....A+

Another student gave me two Cubbie items.

First, some cards.  I thought that was kinda nice of him because I've given him several cards over the years.  I didn't have the heart to tell him that I already have all of these.... they'll end up in the birthday box.

This I didn't have... an nice Cubs blanket.  I'll keep this in the basement, which can get a bit cold in the winter.  I can see myself snuggling up in the blanket while watching a movie for Flick Friday.....A+

Finally, from Kloee I got...

...this Cubs ball.  Kloee also made me a very nice card...

I might have to knock her grade down a bit.  First, she used the wrong principal  (remember that the principal is your pal) and the wrong except.

And second, what's up with that Tiger nonsense!

But in the spirit of the season, and for making the effort....A+


  1. Ahhhh... kids rule. Keep up the excellent brainwashing!

  2. There's a (mean) joke in here somewhere about how being a Cubs fan and the current education system sets you up for a lifetime of...

    You know what I don't want to ruin the mood. Sounds like you've had some wonderful students though :).

  3. That Christmas card is AWESOME!