Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Inserts Are Arriving 4

This shipment knocked off a bunch of mid-Nineties inserts.


The glossy All-Star cards were inserted into rack packs, one per pack.


These are from the 1994 Black Gold set.  

Since the 1994 season was cut short by a players strike, Topps did  a clever thing with the 1995 set.  They came up with computer projections for how a players stats would have worked if the entire season was played.  Those stats were placed on cards in a 396-card insert set they called Cyberstats.  

This is what a Cyberstats back looks like, along with the regular back underneath

The Cubs have 12 players in the set, and I was able to get all 12 from a single Sportlots dealer.






As we move to the late 90s.... becomes Sammypalooza again.

Kerry Wood checks into the Record Numbers set, too

This card of Carlos Zambrano was a Walmart exclusive in 2006, using the 1992 design.

I could have won something if Alfonso Soriano won the 2008 Home Run Derby contest.  I might have had a chance if Soriano had actually been a contestant, but he wasn't even one of the eight participants.

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  1. Great mid-90s inserts! I love the finish on those CyberStats cards, and Topps Black Gold was the most sought-after insert set of my ten-year-old self.