Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cards From Reader Tim

Tim, a dedicated reader of the blog, recently sent me some cards he was purging from his collection.  He was very generous!


First up are these three of Mr. Cub.  Though they look identical, there are differences among all three.  The card on the top left is the base card of Donruss Classics from 2002.  The card next to it is the Timeless Tributes parallel, which is /100.  The third card is the same as the base except it has an imprint on it that shows it was given away at the 2002 National.  Only five of these were handed out; this is 3/5.





He also included several cards for the Ryno collection, including the OPC version of his rookie card, and a few I'd never seen before.  

Hope about a Fergie autograph!

A few more assorted Cubs were in the package, too.

Thanks Tim for the great gift.

And in case you missed it from an earlier post, Tim is on the hunt for any and all Billy Williams 2014 Topps Tribute cards. Keep your eyes open for any and let him know if you find one.

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