Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Adding Inserts

After adding several new brands to the Cubs collection the past couple months, I've decided to look for something else.  I wasn't sure what I'd want.  I browsed around the checklists at Teamsets4u and stumbled into Topps inserts.

Inserts were unnecessary throw-aways back when I was a kid.  I wanted the cards.  And by the mid-seventies they disappeared.  It wasn't until the mid-nineties that Topps brought them back.  

When I put my Topps team sets together I ignored them.  Getting the base cards was enough of a project.  In 2010 I started adding any new inserts as they came out.

And now I'm going to work backwards and start picking up the earlier ones that I skipped.  My first wave will be from 1994 - 2009.  Once I have those, I'll start on the inserts from the '60s and '70s.  I've already got a head start on many of the vintage, so it will be more of a filling in the gaps as opposed to the full out blast of cards from the newer sets.

For my collection, I'm just going after regular inserts.  The parallel chromes, relics, and autographs are out...just regular ol' cards.

I came up with a count of 99 cards.  I already had a couple, 


so that helped a bit.  An even bigger help was the fact that Checkoutmycards was running a free shipping deal on Cyber Monday if you bought ten or more cards.  

I had no trouble clearing the ten card mark!  An order was also placed with Sportlots, and between the two I knocked off about 90% of the list.  The rest I'll pick up as they become available.

Stay tuned for updates.

The 99 Cubs inserts from 1994 - 2009 that I'm going after are:

1994   Black Gold #33 Mark Grace
1994Black Gold #40 Randy Myers
1994Black Gold #42 Sammy Sosa
1995Cyberstats #9 Sammy Sosa
1995Cyberstats #26 Eduardo Zambrano
1995Cyberstats #61 Mark Grace
1995Cyberstats #122 Shawon Dunston
1995Cyberstats #147 Steve Trachsel
1995Cyberstats #163 Steve Buechele
1995Cyberstats #180 Randy Myers
1995Cyberstats #212 Kevin Foster
1995Cyberstats #226 Jim Bullinger
1995Cyberstats #264 Willie Banks
1995Cyberstats #294 Rick Wilkins
1995Cyberstats #353 Derrick May
1996Mystery Finest #15 Sammy Sosa
1996Profiles-NL #9 Sammy Sosa
1997Awesome Impact #11 Brooks Kieschnick
1997Inter-League Finest #5 F.Thomas-S.Sosa
1997Sweet Strokes #5 Mark Grace
1999All-Matrix #2 Sammy Sosa
1999All-Matrix #24 Kerry Wood
1999All-Mystery Finest #13 Sammy Sosa
1999All-Mystery Finest #32 Kerry Wood
1999Hall of Fame Collection #7 Ernie Banks
1999Lords of the Diamond #3 Sammy Sosa
1999Picture Perfect #2 Kerry Wood
1999Picture Perfect #6 Sammy Sosa
1999Power Brokers #4 Sammy Sosa
1999Power Brokers #20 Kerry Wood
1999Record Numbers #5 Sammy Sosa
1999Record Numbers #7 Kerry Wood
2000MVP MVP17 Sammy Sosa
2000Own the Game OTG8 Sammy Sosa
2000Own the Game OTG29 Sammy Sosa
2000Topps Combos TC6 Home Run Kings Sammy Sosa / Mark McGwire
2000All Topps AT9 Sammy Sosa
2000Perennial All Stars PA3 Sammy Sosa
2000Power Players P16 Sammy Sosa
2001Topps Archives Future Rookie Reprints 20 Rafael Palmeiro 87
2001Noteworthy TN3 Sammy Sosa
2001Noteworthy TN40 Ernie Banks
2001A Tradition Continues TRC15 Sammy Sosa
2001Golden Anniversary GA2 Ernie Banks
2001Golden Anniversary GA24 Sammy Sosa
2001Golden Anniversary GA34 Corey Patterson
2001Through the Years 13 Ernie Banks 66
2001Through the Years 33 Ryne Sandberg 89
2001Combos TC6 "Shortstop Supremacy" (Ernie Banks / Alex Rodrigue
2001Combos TC12 "60 Home Run Club" (Roger Maris / Mark McGwire / Sammy Sosa
2002All World Team AW6 Sammy Sosa
2002Hobby Masters 10 Sammy Sosa
2003All Stars 12 Sammy Sosa
2003Hit Parade HP2 Sammy Sosa
2003Hit Parade HP16 Sammy Sosa
2003Own the Game OG5 Sammy Sosa
2003Hobby Masters HM4 Sammy Sosa
2003Hobby Masters HM15 Mark Prior
20031951 Blue Backs Sammy Sosa
20031951 Blue Backs Mark Prior
20031951 Red Backs Sammy Sosa
2003Record Breakers Purple FJ Fergie Jenkins
2003Record Breakers Purple HW Hack Wilson
2003Record Breakers Purple SS Sammy Sosa
2003Trademark Variation 50 Sammy Sosa
2004Hobby Masters HM2 Mark Prior
2004Hobby Masters HM6 Sammy Sosa
2004Own the Game OG24 Mark Prior
2004Hit Parade HP1 Sammy Sosa HR
2004Hit Parade HP12 Sammy Sosa RBI
2004All Stars TAS12 Kerry Wood
2005Grudge Match GM4 Jim Edmonds/Carlos Zambrano
2005Grudge Match GM10 Corky Miller/Sammy Sosa
2005Hobby Masters HM2 Sammy Sosa
20062K All Stars 4 Derrek Lee
2006Hobby Masters HM1 Derrek Lee
2006Hobby Masters HM9 Mark Prior
2006Opening Day OD-RC Cincinnati Reds vs. Chicago Cubs
2006Own the Game OG1 Derrek Lee
2006Rookie of the Week 4 Ernie Banks
2006Rookie of the Week 24 Ryne Sandberg
2006Walmart WM33 Ryne Sandberg 1
2006Walmart WM38 Derrek Lee 2
2007Walmart WM54 Alfonso Soriano
2007Hobby Masters HM5 Alfonso Soriano
2007All Stars AS1 Alfonso Soriano
2007Home Run Derby Contest AS Alfonso Soriano
2007Opening Day OD8 Cubs / Reds
2007Stars TS2 Alfonso Soriano
2007Tradin Places TP4 Alfonso Soriano
2007Flashback Fridays FF6 Alfonso Soriano
2008Red Hot Rookies 4 Kosuke Fukudome
2008Red Hot Rookies 8 Jeff Samardzija
2008Trading Card History TCH21 Alfonso Soriano
2008Topps Stars TS21 Alfonso Soriano
2008Home Run Derby Contest HRD4 Alfonso Soriano
2009Ticket to Toppstown TTT15 Alfonso Soriano
2009Ticket to Toppstown TTT38 Kosuke Fukudome
2009Ticket to Toppstown TTT39 Carlos Zambrano

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