Thursday, December 18, 2014

Adding Some More Cracker Jack

I completed my Cracker Jack Cubs sets years ago.

Or so I thought.

Turns out I missed several year's worth of cards.  I'm not sure exactly how I overlooked three years' worth, but I did.  Luckily the missing cards are commons that would only set me back 18¢ each.

I already had reprints of the original set from 1915, plus cards from 2002, 2004 and 2005.  The missing cards came from 1982, 1991, 1992, and 1997.  

This is the card from 1982.  It looks like Mr. Cub is at Shea Stadium in the late '60s.

In 1991 Cracker Jack started putting mini cards into boxes as the prize.  They had a deal with Topps and used the '91 Topps design, just shrunk down. They measured 1¼" x 1¾", about one-fourth the size of an actual card. Four Cubs made the 72-card set.


That's a pretty decent group of Cubs, Dawson, Dunston, Grace, and Sandberg.

 In 1992 Cracker Jack turned to Donruss for their mini-cards.



Dawson, Grace, Sandberg, and..... Dickson??  That's three-fourths of a pretty decent group of Cubs.

There were cards in boxes of Cracker Jack in 1993, but they were a little different and I messed up there.  I'll share that story tomorrow.

After a three year hiatus, cards showed up again in 1997.  This time Cracker Jack used their own design and did so without an MLB license.

No license means no logo on Sammy's helmet and also means he plays for Chicago, not the Cubs.

With these ten, now I believe I have all of the Cracker Jack Cubs cards.


  1. I was aware that there was a 1992 Donruss Cracker Jack set with more or less the same design... I didn't realize that, unlike Topps, they used different photos for the Cracker Jack cards. That changes my perception from "Mini parallels" to "Oddball" and now I want some. :-D

  2. I just realized I missed the opportunity to shamelessly plug my own blog... The 1982 cards were standard size, issued in two sheets of 9 cards each and I wrote about my uncut sheets here: