Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Inserts Are Arriving 3

Mr. Mailman keeps bringing packages filled with 90's and 2000's Topps inserts.

Here's the most recent delivery:

1999 Picture Perfect Kerry Wood...he made lots of insert appearances after his Rookie of the Year performance in 1998.

1999 Power Brokers Kerry Wood...see what I mean!

1999 Hall of Fame Collection Ernie Banks...this is a really nice looking card.

2003 1951 style Red Back, Sammy Sosa... These look pretty close to the 1951s except they are the size of today's cards instead of the smaller size used by the originals

2003 All Star Sosa.... tired of Sammy yet?

20033 Hit Parade Home Runs....tired of him now???

2003 Hit Parade RBIs... really, another one?

2003 Hobby Masters Sammy Sosa.... please, stop!!!!

2003 Hobby Masters Mark Prior.....whew!! Relief from Sammy overload!


  1. If I were forced to start a mini collection I think it would it would be pitchers with eye black. Hehe... What was Kid K thinking?

  2. You read my mind. At first I thought, 'Maybe no Sammy". Damn!