Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Inserts Are Arriving 6

Today's arrivals span several decades.

 This is one of the earliest inserts that I needed, from the 1966 Rub Off set.  Billy is one of six Cubs in the set, and my first purchase.  These are not the easiest to find because most were actually rubbed off on something.  I know that if I got one in a pack of cards, I wouldn't have saved it.


From the 80's I picked up another Glossy All-Star and a pair of Glossy Rookies.  Too bad that Smith and Walton could never duplicate the success they had in 1989.

Two from the 90's:  A 1991 Glossy Rookie and 1994 Black Gold.  These show just how far Topps progressed in three years.

This 2007 card could have won me a jersey if Soriano won the Home Run Derby contest in 2007.  My chances of winning would have been a little better if Soriano was actually in the contest.

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  1. I know I had a few of those rub-off's rubbed off on our basement wall as a kid.