Wednesday, December 10, 2014

2014 Barney Heritage Black Back

The 2013 Heritage black backs I know quite well. Topps made them to mimic the Venezuelan cards from 1964 that had black backs.

That make perfect sense.

So why did Topps make black backs for Heritage 2014?

I have no idea.  Seems like another contrived gimmick to me.

The 2014 black backs were unnumbered short prints.  And by short print I mean short print.  Casebreaker Brent Williams gives an estimate of about 10 copies of each card(according to this thread).  It seems like they were falling about one or less per case.

With such scarcity, I didn't hear much buzz about them.  In fact, I didn't even bother looking for a Darwin Barney version of the card....until I saw one on Ebay a couple weeks ago.

I could corner the market on the 2013 cards because they were going for practically nothing; three or four bucks each.  The price on the 2014 wasn't that cheap; not even close.  But for a card that could be /10, I got it for a decent price.

A question, though.  Why is it called "Black Back"?  Seem gray to me.

I believe I've got all the backs...

...the regular, black, and blank.

And since the blank is 1/1, I would be the only collector with all three.

My first and only complete and exclusive Barney Back rainbow.

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  1. I was originally after the Jarrod Parker "black back" card from 2014 Heritage when the product hit the market and had retained for whatever reason on the eBay auction description that the cards were seeded one per every two cases and were 1/5. If your guy said 1/10, it's still ridiculous to chase. I lost the auction because I didn't snipe it late and it only went for about $10 if memory serves, but I would love to add one to my binder. It's a cool feeling to know you have a complete rainbow of a card when you add the 1/1s and super low numbers. Now you just need the printing plates and a hand-signed copy of the base and you have the mega master collection!