Thursday, December 4, 2014


This Thanksgiving we had a total of twelve people at our table. Among them was my brother-in-law.  Later in the day he spent some time looking over my collection.  He is also an insurance agent...we have our life, home, and auto with him.

And now I might have my collectors insurance with him too.

I guess that as my collection grows, so does the value of the cards (at least that's what I keep telling Mrs. WW!).  I already know that the complete Topps sets are worth a fairly good chunk of change.  The Cubs cards, too,

I just assumed that they were covered under the homeowners policy.  I guess they are in a very basic way, but by having collectibles insurance, I'm good, without any worries.

It's only going to cost me six bucks a month, so were not talking anything that will break the bank.

Anyone else have their collection insured?


  1. I would, but my collection is a fraction of yours, and a very small fraction at that.

  2. I probably ought to, but I think I would need to have it catalogued or something first. I've only got a fraction of my cards entered into Zistle, and I am surprised at the number it gives me for a value.