Monday, July 25, 2016

2012 Heritage Barney No Position Update

I'm still tracking Ebay sales of the 2012 Heritage Darwin Barney no position variation card.  One was listed in late June with a BIN of $49.99 and someone snapped it up rather quickly.

 By my unofficial tracking, this is the 38th card to be sold via Ebay since March, 2012.  The average price of the 38 is $92.66.  The high was $325 and the low was $24 (paid by me!).

Another seller has been listing and relisting the card for the past month or so.  It was first listed for $350.  There were no takers.

Since then, each time it's been relisted with a lower price.  Here is the most recent, which ended yesterday.

Still no takers at $185.  I'm expecting it will be relisted again at a lower price, several times, before it finally sell.


  1. I just don't understand the card market sometimes. I get that some of these Barney cards may have been sold multiple times, but it is pretty clear that there were more than 25 of these printed. Yet, Topps' clear acetate cards (#/10) and metal framed cards (#/16) typically sell for less than $20 each, unless it's a big star.
    I guess maybe the market for the Barney card is being driven by Barney collectors, Cubs team collectors, AND master set builders? I can't imagine anyone trying to build a master set containing he acetate or metal framed cards. No?

    1. I think this got a boost because master set builders and Cub collectors wanted the card to have a "complete" set. But I think Topps was also misleading with just how copies of the card were made. They made it seem super scarce, but clearly, it isn't.

  2. Maybe Topps is simulating their error on Cubs' 2nd baseman Ken Hubbs' 1963 card, which also had no position.