Monday, July 11, 2016

2016 Stadium Club Cubs

  • Yes, it looks like Fleer 1997
  • The Cubs have 11 cards in the base set, one above what each team should get
  • All of the usual suspects are included...Arrieta, Baez, Bryant, Heyward, Lester, Rizzo, Rondon, Russell, Schearber, Soler
  • Absolutely....Topps did include Carl Edwards, too!


  1. I hadn't seen the Edwards card on-line yet. Very nice.
    The Baez is a sweet shot after the swing.
    I love the Russell reaction at second base.
    Lastly, you just know that's a picture of Lester following through on an UNDER-hand toss to first base.

    1. tom, i've got an edwards in a stack of cubs to send your way.

    2. Do you suppose Lester's throw made it to first, or is this an "error" card!

  2. What's a little weird to me is Topps always includes the usual suspects, and it is what it is. But Hendricks has turned into a top-level pitcher, and no card. They don't have one for Zobrist or Fowler, but have one for Soler and Edwards, and even Baez, who wasn't in the plans for the big club to start the year. But it's probably one of those things with the Yankees in the 2000s, who is going to get cut when everyone is popular?

  3. Love all the pics on these cards!!!