Saturday, July 30, 2016

60 Wins... Caution

Yesterday I had some recent history of the Cubs quest for 60 wins.

Today, I have a cautionary tale.

Prior to this season, the last time the Cubs got to 60 wins in 100 games was 1977.

They picked up their 60th win in game 99 in dramatic fashion on July 28, 1977.  I wrote more about that game here.  

But the rest of the season didn't go so well.  In their final 63 games, the Cubs were 21-42. They finished in 4th place, 20 games off the pace of the Phillies.

The 2016 team has way more talent than the '77 squad.  I don't expect the '16 Cubs to tank like the '77 team.

But history has taught me to be cautious.

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