Friday, July 22, 2016

Where's Kyle?

Yesterday I read a couple of interesting things about the Cubs #5 starter, Kyle Hendricks.

  • He had the major's third lowest ERA this season, 2.27
  • Since June 19, his ERA is a major league best 0.72.  Yes, 0.72
Not bad for a #5 starter!

His three season career numbers are 24-15 with and ERA of 3.13.  Those are pretty impressive stats for a guy with a fastball that will only hit 90 on a good day.  He proves that there's more to pitching than just speed...brains, location, and changing speed are important too.

Yet this year, and for his entire career for that matter, Topps has basically ignored him.  He has had cards in Heritage and the flagship set.

That's it.

No Bowman, Ginter, Gypsy Queen, Chrome, or anything else.

I have a total of seven cards of Hendricks.  And two of them are from the factory team set, meaning they are identical to the flagship.

Hopefully, Hendricks continues to put up the same numbers  and Topps starts to include him in more products.