Thursday, July 14, 2016

I Hate Those Uh, Oh Moments

I try to be a complete collector.  I like to complete holes for me.  So it really bugs me when I have one of those Uh, Oh, moments and realize that I have a hole.

I had one of those a couple weeks ago.

Remember how I forgot to get the MLB Debut cards from 2016 series one and then found out that there were three versions of each card?  Well, why reading up on those I read a line that said that the different versions of MLB Debut were like the 2015 First Home Run inserts.

Uh, Oh!

There were three versions of the First Home Run cards?  I checked my binder.

I had just one version.


I had some more cards to get from 2015.  More than some, actually. Since there were six Cubs in the set, I had to get twelve new cards.

I had the base cards, which came in loose packs.  I needed the gold (found in hanger packs) and the silver (blasters and rack packs).  Luckily, all were available through Sportlots.

Now instead of six First Home Run cards, I've got 18.



  1. You're a step ahead of me. I didn't even know Maddux had a card in this insert set!

  2. I hate it when Topps changes up between the two series. Why were there black ones in series 1 and then white in series 2? At least they didn't switch the packaging where you got a certain color in one kind of pack in S1 then had to buy a different pack type in s2. But still annoying. I only collected one color, but it ended up being the blacks and whites.

  3. Yeah, I knew about those. Still trying to get them all for the Dodgers, and there are more Dodgers, I believe.

    How about the 2013 Chasing History insert parallels? Got all them?

  4. I should do a similar post just to show off all of the holes I am missing. 2013 Chasing History included. The worst part about these sets is the various card numbering schemes. Actually that's the worst part about most Topps inserts.

  5. You don't mess around. Great job on finding all 18 in a few short weeks. I'm sure it'll take years for me to finally collect all three versions for my Maddux binder.