Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Series One Inserts I Forgot

I was reviewing the 2016 Topps checklist to make sure that I have picked up all the Cubs inserts from Series Two.

I had.

Turns out, though, that I forgot to get some from Series One.  I don't know how or why I overlooked them, but I did.

The missing cards were from the MLB Debut insert set.  There were two Cubs in the set, Starlin Castro and Kris Bryant.  So I clicked my way to Sportlots to pick up the six cards.

Yes, six cards; that's not a typo.

Topps made three versions of each MLB Debut card.  There is the gold, which came in blasters and retail rack packs, silver, available only in hanger boxes, and bronze, from loose retail packs.  None of the card versions were numbered, so they aren't all that hard to get.  Its just that there are more of them to get.

Here's the six cards of two players.  They are left to right, gold, silver, and bronze.


  1. Being a parallel slave, I would bet before the calendar year is over those inserts will probably have five or six more versions - camo for Veteran's Day, pink for October, platinum (/5), wood mini, black (/2016 in Father's Day packs that weren't announced) and a special National Convention version in acetate of /10 for the Bryant, /199 for the Castro...

  2. Had no idea they were doing the stupid insert parallel again this year. Oddly, I feel no obligation to try to find them.