Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Series 2 Wrigley Field Celebrates 100 Years

Series Two included another 25 cards for the Wrigley Field Celebrates 100 set.


These two are my favorites, although I've got an issue with the Billy card that I'll get to later.  It's nice to see Santo in the set

That's all well and good, but... I've also got a few problems with the additional 25 cards.

First, of the 25, 11 of the featured players already had a card in the first 25.

Mark Grace, Fergie Jenkins, Anthony Rizzo, Mark Prior, Kyle Schwarber, Rafael Palmeiro, Andre Dawson, Kris Bryant, Ryne Sandberg, Bruce Sutter, Addison Russell all have a second card.  Really, if you can't come up with 25 additional original players or event to celebrate, then don't bother.

Problem Ernie Banks.  Rafael freaking Palmeiro is in the set twice, but not one card of Mr. Cub.

Problem three...and remember the set is celebrating 100 years of Cubs baseball at WRIGLEY FIELD.  Now spot what's wrong with all of these:


Let's celebrate Wrigley Field by showing Cub players in ROAD UNIFORMS, away from Wrigley Field!  

Classic Topps.


  1. Is there some contract issue with Ernie's estate? I haven't seen him in any Topps products this year, which is very unlike Topps.

  2. I think his wife and caretaker are still fighting over his will. That may keep Topps from getting permission to make cards of him.