Thursday, July 28, 2016

Stadium Club Over the Years

Last week I put my 2016 Stadium Club Cubs into their binder and I took some time to page through the entire book.  It now contains 17 years worth of Stadium Club.

What struck me is that when the cards are full bleed, the design options become more limited.  For most years, the only design question is how to show the player's name. For the first ten years, that all that was on the front of the and a Stadium Club logo.  Team names didn't arrive until the 2001 edition.  But even with the arrival of the team name, a team logo was used only twice.  The design mantra seems to be to keep it very simple.

In 2015 the mantra had an addition...keep it simple and add smoke to the bottom of the card.

Below is a time with the 17-year run.  From each year I picked the first card alphabetically that had a vertical design.  That's why use see lots of Assenmacher, Banks, Adams, and Alcantara.

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