Thursday, June 8, 2017

1969 Cubs Cartoons

Let's take another looks at some cartoons, this time from the 1969 Cubs team set.  There were 21 regular player cards.  Only Ernie Banks missed out on a cartoon, so I've got 20 cartoons for you.

Jim Hickman, Gene Oliver, and Adolfo Phillips each hit three home runs in a single game.

Ted Abernathy, Don Kessinger, and Ron Santo were league leaders.  It's hard to imagine Ron Santo leading the league in triples.  To say that he was slow was being kind.

Glenn Beckert and Billy Williams were award winners.

Ken Holtzman, Fergie Jenkins, and Randy Hundley were team leaders.

Joe Niekro, Rich Nye, Phil Regan, and Charlie Smith were noted for various oddball accomplishments.


For Lee Elia, Bill Hands, Don Nottebart, Willie Smith and Al Spanger Topps had to dig into their minor league career for something cartoon-worthy.


  1. I love the doubleheader cartoon. Good stuff!

  2. Wow, at first I thought the Cubs' fans got ripped off with only 21 regular player cards (as I remember the 1967 set had MORE THAN 25 regular player cards for most teams), so I checked out all the teams in 1969, and they all range from 19 (Phillies) to 25 (Giants, Angels, Senators) regular player cards.

    Even though 4 new teams were introduced, you would think Topps could expand the set accordingly (and not by only the 66 cards they added).