Saturday, June 24, 2017

Series Two 1987

The Series Two added another 100 cards to the 1987 set.  This version of 1987 is divided into two parts, All Star and Rookies


The Cubs netted five All Stars.  It's nice to see Maddux as a Cub and not a Brave.  Ryno now has two cards in the 1987 set.  He had just one card in the original 1987 Topps set.

As for Rookies, there was just one Cub..

...the 2017 ever-present Rob Zastryzny.


  1. It could be just me and my love for the original 1987 Topps set, but the new cards just look like Photoshop projects. Maybe its the images are too crisp, but with the wood borders, the images just don't look right with the old school borders. The Russell card sticks out the most.

    1. No, I agree. Too crisp. It looks like Topps ran the 1982 photos in this year's Archives through a filter or something... they should have considered that with the 1987 cards as well.