Monday, June 12, 2017

1974 Cubs Cartoons

The 1974 card design included a spot for a cartoon on each player's card.  No one got left out if their career stats were too long.  So I've got 24 cartoons, one for each player.

One oddity is that far more of these are on personal things instead of baseball things.  It may have been easier for Topps, since they could do the personal cartoons at any time.  They didn't have to wait for the season to end for a baseball cartoon; they could crank them out at any time.



These nine are the only ones that talk about something related to playing baseball.  All the rest, the other two thirds, have a personal item.

I'm pretty sure that this wouldn't show on a card in 2017.


We have basketball players...




hunters and golfers... enthusiasts...


...and musicians.


Players had to work in the off-season back then.

This one is baseball related, but it's off-field activity.

Rick Monday did become a broadcaster!

And my favorite of the group, and in honor of the passing of Adam West...

Ron Santo, the bat boy

And since the cartoons were all the same size, I was able to make a nice little 4 x 6 tile of them.