Friday, January 19, 2018

2018 Series One Inserts to Chase

The release of the 2018 Series One checklist gave me the chance to look over the inserts I'll be chasing.  It will be a major chase. Luckily Brentandbecca will help with most.

The number of insert sets is down.  There are just seven sets with basic cards (no patches, relics, autographs, etc).  The Cubs netted players in all but one.

15 Anthony Rizzo
18 Javier Baez
43 Andre Dawson
47 Kris Bryant
70 Ian Happ

Superstar Sensations
4 Addison Russell
42 Kris Bryant
44 Anthony Rizzo

MLB Awards
5 Anthony Rizzo
29 Jason Heyward

1983 Topps Baseball
1 Ryne Sandberg
15 Ian Happ
21 Jake Arrieta
23 Kris Bryant
54 Anthony Rizzo
81 Kyle Schwarber
87 Javier Baez
99 Addison Russell

Legends in the Making – retail only
AR Anthony Rizzo
KB Kris Bryant

MLB Opening Day – retail only
17 Kris Bryant

Topps Now Top 10

I should be able to get all of the hobby versions from Brent, leaving me only to use Ebay for the two retail only sets.

The real bugger will be the one listed below...

Kris Bryant Highlights – 30 cards – Walmart only

The guy has been in the league for just three seasons yet he has a 30 card insert set.  Making matters more difficult, the cards are found only in Walmart packs.  I can see this one taking a while to complete.

The insert total from the first series on 51 cards.  That's five times the number of base Cubs in the series.  Yikes!


  1. Do you buy directly from Brent or buy from him on eBay? I may be going the team set route this year to simplify.

  2. I buy directly from Brent. I let him know what I want and as soon as the checklist comes out, he'll send he a price.

  3. Yeah, I can't believe Jeter has a 30-card set too. Didn't they just do something like that last year?
    Getting all 30 of the retail Bryants is going to be a chore. If you keep an updated checklist up on your blog I'll send ones I get your way if I see you need them.