Saturday, January 27, 2018

Flick Friday Suggestions

In January, 2011 I started a feature I called "Flick Friday."  Each Friday during late January and throughout  February, I reviewed a baseball movie.  The idea was that watching a baseball movie would get my mind off of the cold winter weather.  By the time I wrapped up the feature, spring training was underway and I was able to see some real baseball.

I continued the feature through 2014.  Over those four years I wrote about Bull Durham, Rookie of the Year, Pride of the Yankees, The Natural, Bang the Drum Slowly, The Bad News Bears, A League of Their Own, Eight Men Out, Field of Dreams, Little Big League, Major League, Mr. Baseball, *61, Moneyball, Mr. 3000, The Rookie, Chasing 3000, Cobb,.42, Major League II, Trouble With the Curve, Fear Strikes Out, The Sandlot, and Diminished Capacity.

I stopped doing Flick Friday in 2015 because I'd run out of decent baseball movies to review.  I'm looking to restart it if there are good baseball movies that have come out since 2014 or that I missed during my first go-around.

So I have a simple question....

....Any suggestions?? 


  1. The Benchwarmers, The Babe, Angels In The Outfield, Fever Pitch, and The Pride of the Yankees all come to mind.

  2. For Love of the Game is one I enjoyed when it first came out.
    I've heard good things about the Battered Bastards of Baseball, but I haven't had a chance to watch it on Netflix yet.

  3. The Bingo Long Travelling All-Stars & Motor Kings is a very good comedy (with some serious scenes) about barnstorming Negro League players, starring Richard Pryor, Billy Dee Williams, and James Earl Jones.

  4. "Fastball" is a documentary you can find on Netflix.

  5. If you're looking to branch out into documentaries. I loved the three volumes of "When It Was a Game".

  6. Of those you have listed, I have seen A League of Their Own, Bull Durham, Fear Strikes Out, Major League (I), Mr 3000, Pride of the Yankees, The Sandlot, The Bad News Bears, The Natural, and *61. (Also Angels in the Outfield, and the other 2 Bad News Bears flicks.)

    Surprisingly, I have not yet watched Eight Men Out or Field of Dreams.

    I could watch A League of Their Own, Bull Durham and Major League every week and not get tired of them!

  7. American Pastime