Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Less Than Three Months

The Cubs home opener is less than three months away.

This is what the ballpark looks like right now.  The Friendly Confines seem very unfriendly.

Soon enough though, it will look again like this...

...and all will be well.

Last year the section behind home plate was rebuilt and a club for Mr. Big Bucks was added underneath the section.  This year they're working down the lines where two more clubs will be built.  The dugouts are also going to be rebuilt and moved down the lines.  From what I've read the weather hasn't hampered the work at all and everything is on schedule.


  1. From the picture above it's very easy to figure out where the Mr. Big Bucks club was added.

  2. This may be your source but I follow an account on Twitter called @WrigleyAerials and they post photos like that all the time. Not much commentary but fun to look at.


  3. It looks so much better on cardboard. Counting the days...