Wednesday, January 17, 2018

World Series Autograph Collection Update #3

Two more autographs of the 2016 World Series Cubs have arrived!


Neither of  these are certified as both Rondon and Hendrick have not been deemed certified-worthy by either Topps or Panini.  I can certainly see Hendricks getting one sometime in the near future.  Rondon, though, is less likely.

Are the signatures real?

Both of the sellers didn't have any red flags in their Ebay feedback.  The signatures look very similar to what I've seen on items that are authentic.  And I don't think that anyone is going to get rich by selling fake signatures or either of these two.  So I'm going with them being real.

My World Series project is nearly complete, with just two players missing (Grimm and Strop).

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  1. The line for Justin Grimm this weekend at the Cubs Convention was pretty ridiculous. I was able to snag autos from four players during the hour he signed. He was one of the few known current players who didn't require a ticket voucher.
    Maybe some Grimm Reaper cards will pop on Ebay from the Convention?