Friday, January 5, 2018

World Series Autographs Project

I have baseballs autographed by the starters from two of my favorite Cubs teams, the 1969 Cubs and the 1984 Cubs.

If I add another team, it should obviously be the 2016 Cubs.  So I started looking into that.

I quickly looked away.

Prices for autographed balls of the big boys on the team are way way out of my price range.  Even a ball signed by the lesser names are too rich for my blood.

I needed another plan.

Turns out that by following my autograph collection rules, I already have a certified autograph of 15 of the 25 players on the World Series Roster.   So my new plan is to get a certified autograph of all of the World Series Cubs.

These are the 15 rule-followers already in hand.... Almora, Arrieta, Baez, Bryant, Edwards, Fowler, Heyward, Lester, Rizzo, Russell, Schwarber, Soler, Wood, Contreras, and Zobrist.

That leaves Chapman, Coghlan, Grimm, Hendricks, Lackey, Montero, Montgomery, Rondon, Ross, and Strop.  Getting a certified autograph of these guys means it won't show them as a Cub.  That's not a problem for me.

After some shopping around I was able to find and purchase certified signatures of Chapman, Coghlan, Lackey, Montero, Montgomery, and Ross.  Once I have them in hand I get them posted.

There is a certified card out there for Justin Grimm (2010 Elite Extra Aspirations), but I haven't been able to buy one yet.

For the other three (Hendricks, Rondon, and Strop) the plan is to buy a plain autographed card.   I doubt that there is much of a market for forged signatures of those guys, so I'd be pretty confident that what I get will be authentic.

Stay tuned for updates.  Completing this is one of my 2018 goals and I intend to get an A by the end of the year!


  1. Good luck on your quest.
    I have a very similar one, but it's to have an auto or relic card in place.

  2. This should be a fun hunt! When it comes to those without cert autos, at least there's still a good chance that Hendricks will end up with one in a Cubs uniform someday. Maybe Strop and Montgomery too.

  3. I was trying to do a custom card set but couldn't quite get it to a place I like. Maybe time to revisit that.

    Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  4. Looking forward to the future posts...I second Tony...will you upgrade if one of those three wind up in a Cubs uniform?

    1. I'd most definitely upgrade to a Cubs card if one becomes available. I can certainly see Hendricks having one.

  5. Great group to have. I'm impressed that you have a Bryant. When I got back into collecting I amassed a far less than complete but goodly number of signed cards from the champion teams of my youth, Cardinals, Orioles, Mets, A's and of course the 69 era Cubs.

  6. Cool project. Although it's not exactly up to your scale... my goal is to one day own signed baseball of the A's Big Three (Hudson, Mulder, and Zito).