Tuesday, January 9, 2018

World Series Autograph Collection Update #1

Last week I showed the start of my 2016 World Series Cubs autograph collection.  I already had certified autographs of 15 of the players on the roster.

For those without I Cubs certified auto, I will be getting cards showing them with other teams.  A few of those have started to arrive.

This one was already in hand.  It came in a package from P-Town Tom a month after the 2016 series.  Grandpa was just a kid.

Here's Chris Coghlan as a Marlin.  It set me back all of $1.49 plus 49¢ shipping.

Miguel Montero's card comes from his days as a Diamondback.  It too was cheap, just $2.95 with free shipping.

This card of a young Mike Montgomery was a bargain, $2.99 with free shipping.  The best thing about the card is that it almost looks like he is wearing a Cubs uniform.

Now he is wearing a Cubs uniform!

These additions put me at 19 of the 25 World Series Cubs.

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