Friday, January 12, 2018

World Series Autograph Collection Update #2

Two more autographs have arrived.


You can see that while these are both certified, they are not Cubs cards.

I've now got 21 of the 25 World Series Cubs taken care of.  There are three uncertified players and one with a hard to get certified.  Below are the 21 in hand.


  1. Who are you missing? I'm thinking it's mostly bullpen guys? Heading to the Cubs Convention this morning and I'll try to fill your gaps if you like. Not sure how you feel about in-person autos though. Let me know if you're interested.

    1. Snow day today! I've got a Rondon and Hendricks on the way, so all I'm missing are Justin Grimm and Pedro Strop. I've got the sniper set for an auction on a Strop card that ends this afternoon. Grimm has a certified from 2010 and I'm just waiting for one to show up on Ebay at a reasonable price. But if you could get Grimm at the convention, that would be great. Have a great time!!