Tuesday, May 8, 2018

2018 Bowman Base Cubs

The 2018 Bowman base card checklist has 100 players.  Last year there were six Cubs among the 100.  This year that number has been halved to just three.  Two of the three are obvious picks....


.... Bryant and Rizzo.  The third pick is very questionable...

Jen-Ho Tseng, a guy that has yet to see big league action this year.  Does Topps feel like they have to include a rookie?  If not, then why not Schwarber, Lester, Baez, Russell, Contreras, or Zobrist?


  1. One thing that Bowman has capitalized on, and seeing their Chrome rookie cards skyrocket in virtually all platforms, is that the more they can throw out names that could potentially flare into prospect gold (Acuna, Ohtani, Torres, etc.) the better life is with Bowman cards. For every Rizzo and Bryant card that collectors still want, does the Bowman audience really want another Zobrist base card (and rainbow) or would they rather have another Ohtani card like Strausburg mania or now Ohtani mania. The Bowman Chrome rookies are gonzo for stars now (see Stanton, Gregorius, Altuve who have bloomed with more exposure) Bowman gets more push. So to throw in a Tseng rookie, if he hits for some reason, it's more likely better for the goose at Bowman. Just my nickel on the matter, especially seeing prices for BoChro stuff this year.

    1. This is a very good point and one I had not thought of on my own. I guess each set has it's own little MO?

  2. I also feel like Topps/Bowman will likely slot in more Javy Baez cards into the mix if he continues to rake like he is so far this year. He is marketable enough, much like a Carlos Correa or Manny Machado.

  3. The Cubs have been light on rookies this year so far seeing as most of these guys have been called up already.

    Tseng got bumped from his Iowa start yesterday and there was speculation that he may be recalled sooner rather than later.