Monday, May 7, 2018

The 2018 Cubs Scorecard, Included the End of a 70 Year Tradition

It was a busy mail week at the WW World Headquarters last week.  Not only did my 2018 schedule arrive, but so did my 2018 scorecard.

My scorecard collection dates to 1947.  Those early Otis Shepard covers are classics.  Most recently, the covers have not been to inspiring.  The Cubs now use game action photos and change them for each home series.  Instead of one glorious cover for the entire season, there are dozens of covers each year, none of which are noteworthy.

I've tried to get the cover from the opening series and that's what I have here.

The big news for 2018 isn't with the cover, though,  The inside is where there is a major change.

This is where you'd keep score with the 1948 card, which was when the Cubs went to a full sized scorecard.

The 2017 scoresheet looks like this.  For 70 seasons you kept score on a single page, visitors on top, the Cubs on the bottom.  No flipping was necessary.

That has come to an end.

The 2018 card has six pages, not four.  That isn't juge news.  It was six pages from 1991 - 2000.  But the scoring was done on a single page.

Not any more.  Now you have to flip between two pages.  A 70 season tradition is over.


The visitors are on the left and the Cubs are on the center page. 

As I said earlier, my scorecollection goes back to 1947, meaning I now have a 72 season run.   Check them out...

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