Thursday, May 3, 2018

Sports Illustrated for Kids Cubs

Yesterday I wrapped up a look at the Sports Illustrated Cubs cards.  Today I'm moving on to their kids.

SInce 1989, Sports Illustrated for Kids has included punch out sports cards.  Since the magazine covers a wide variety of sports, the cards do too.  They are not exclusively baseball cards.  In fact, over the nearly 30 years the cards have been issued, there have been just 14 cards that feature a Cub player.

The SI for Kids sets are unusual in that they span several years.  The first set came out in 1989 and in continued through 1991.  Three Cubs were in that set


Notice that the design changed, but the numbering of the set continued through all three years.

The next run of cards went from 1992 - 2000.  The set ended up with an enormous 963 cards.  But over all those years, and with all those cards, there were just two Cubs cards.


The Cubs did get another card in 1999, though, as SI for Kids celebrated its 10th anniversary by putting out an eight card set.  Topps, Fleer, Upper Deck, and Pacific each allowed SI to reprint one of their cards.  Sammy was on one of the eight.

The card is a duplicate of the Skybox card with the SI for Kids logo added.

The next set began in December, 2000 and ran through 2005.  It ended up with 540 cards.  Three Cubs made this list.


In December, 2005, SI started its next set and it continued through 2010.  The five year run ended up with 541 cards.  Just two Cubs were in the set.  But the two, Greg Maddux #77 and Aramis Ramirez #156, are nowhere to be seen.  I have yet to find one for sale on Ebay, Sportlots, COMC, and Becket Marketplace.  I've been checking weekly for two months, but have come up empty.

The final run started in 2011 and still continues today.  Right now the tally is up to 727 cards and it grows monthly.  It wasn't until 2016 that a Cub was finally included and right now the total is three.


So there you have 12 of the 14 SI for Kids Cubs.  I hope to eventually get a hold of the missing two.


  1. If I could go back in time, I'd definitely make sure to get a lifetime subscription to SI for Kids. I love these cards. Still trying to fill in tons of gaps from the early 90's.

  2. This made me take a look at my Giants checklist and I realized that I was missing a bunch. All totaled there are 23 Giants since 1989. I only have 7 so I have some work to do. I really like these cards and like Fuji wish I would have subscribed. Good luck tracking down the elusive final 2.