Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Baseball Card Price Guide Backs

Both of the magazine cards that I've show recently used Topps designs on the front.  They differed with the backs, though.  Baseball Card Magazine used the Topps back design while Baseball Card Price Guide generally did not.

There was a reason for not using the Topps backs.  The Price Guide cards called themselves Pocket Price Guides.  The idea was to put price information on the back and them you could take them to card shows.

I've got the backs from their five years of cards below.  They are all of Ryne Sandberg and are in order going down from 1989 to 1993.

The cards list the price of his 1983 rookie card...
1989 - Topps - $6
1990 - Fleer - $9
1991 - Topps - $45
1992 - Topps - $50
1993 - Topps - $50

Those are mint card prices.

And today?
An inflation calculator says that $50 in 1993 is worth about $86 today
Recent PSA 9s of his card have sold for around $30.  You can buy raw versions of the card for five bucks or less.  

The baseball card bubble of the early 1990s has popped.

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  1. Whenever I see Boggs, Gwynn, or Sandberg rookie cards for less than $5... I flashback to the good old days when they commanded $30 to $50.